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Bricquebec, (from the Scandinavian bekkr, a course of water; in turn from brekka, slope) is connected to the epic of Viking invaders, very solidly implanted in the Cotentin peninsula at the beginning of the 10th century.
Tradition attributes the foundation of the ch√Ęteau to the Norman, Anslech.
The dukes of Normandy made Bricquebec one of their strongholds.
Now a lively and attractive, country market town, where stone work features strongly, from the chateau, to the houses and streets, it has a large square which is home to the weekly market every Monday morning.
Arrive early to see the animal sales, and then browse the variety of stalls, stocking up on fresh produce, then like the locals, take coffee or lunch at one of several cafes and restaurants, including the Chateau hotel itself.
There is also a good variety of shops, including a tourist information office.
The disused railway line that runs through the town, has been turned into a walking or cycle route that runs from Cherbourg to Mont St Michel.